Buyers' guide


LAND TITLE DEED; (Before construction and building license)

A purchaser needs to be sure that a property has been built on the correct land plot, and also that is was indeed owned by the seller or that the seller has got
a power of attorney from the original owner, to sell.

BUILDING OR COMPLEX TITLE DEED; (After building license)

All units of building that are registered on this deed.

INDIVIDUAL TITLE DEED; (After building license)

Each unit of building that is registered on the land’s right of access.



After preparing the final architectural and construction design, the builder needs to get permission from the town council. If the design or size, or height is not suitable or does not comply with local regulations, he can not obtain a building license until the design is reviewed and made suitable as required.


Once construction is completed, the builder needs to apply to the town council to get a habitation certificate. If the construction is not exactly the same as the original design, he wouldn't be able to get this permission until the construction is reviewed and made suitable as shown in the original design.


Any foreigner purchasing a property in Turkey needs to get military clearance
for his purchase of that property. It will be confirmed by the relevant military department that the building is in a non-restricted army area. After getting this permission, the title deed can be issued immediately in the name of purchaser.

(There are obvious guidelines as to what is a restricted and non-restricted area, and any builder would know not to even build where he would be unable to sell, as would any estate agency involved with foreign purchases. Therefore this is merely a legal formality that has to be complied with.)



Solicitor’s fee;

The Solicitor will check all the legal documentation and building allowance and also check that there is no debt on the land or deed. If everything is well and good order, he will draw up the sales agreement between the buyer and the seller.Different companies use different solicitors and they do charge different amounts.

Our cost: £200

Legal translator fee;

The sales agreement will first be prepared in Turkish and the legal translator will then translate exactly what it says to the buyer. If they have any doubt or disagreement, at this stage they can ask the translator to clarify or re-arrange the relevant part of the agreement.

Our cost: £50

Seller-Buyer tax;

3% of the deed value of the property. Most of the sellers agree to pay 1.5% themselves and the buyer would be responsible for the other 1.5%. However, some developers have declared that they will not pay any sellers tax and buyer will be responsible for paying all of the 3%. This is something that is negotiable with the seller when a purchaser is deciding whether to buy or not. Some builders will agree to go 50/50, others will not. This is a common procedure in Turkey even when both parties are Turkish.

Water and Electric fee;

Fees are applicable to the electricity board and to the local council to connect the utilities, to provide a meter for each and also to register the supplies in the new owners’ name.

Depending on location of property and exchange rate, between £300 and £350


Mandatory Earthquake insurance;

This is dependant on the deeded size of the property.

Sample: 80m-sqr 2 bedroom apartments insurance cost is approx. £40

Power of attorney; IF REQUESTED (Recommended)

A purchaser needs to be present for certain requirements, such as signing for the deed to be transferred to their name, water and electricity registration. If this is difficult, they can nominate someone locally, their agent or solicitor, for example, to hold a power of attorney for them. This allows the person to legally perform these tasks on behalf of the purchaser in their absence.

Notary fee

Only the notary has the authority to arrange a power of attorney. There is a fee for preparing the POA document. Depending on how many buyers name (attorney) on document also contents. Cost is between £80 and £110

Legal translator fee;

The notary will draw up the POA in the Turkish language and the legal translator will then translate all to the buyer verbally.

Our cost: £30


Other Costs; (after you have purchased your property)

When you transfer your agreed payments to any Turkish bank account, each time intermediary bank charges between £20 and £25 are charged by the UK banks.

Water bill; depending on your monthly water usage.

Electric bill
; depending on your monthly electric usage.

Environment (Community) tax
; approx £3 per month and this is automatically included in with your water bill.

Annual property owner’s tax
; between %0.1-%0.2 of the deed value of the property (payable in January of each year).

For complexes and sites or blocks with communal areas/pools/gardens etc; Maintenance fee; common expenses of cleaning, water and electric, care and repair, gardening, swimming pool chemicals, staff cost, etc. You need to pay a yearly amount which will be advised to you dependant on the property and location that you purchase.

٭ For any kind of legal financial action, (such as opening a bank account or buying a property) you need to get tax number in Turkey. This is a simple process and we will assist you with this.



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