How our system works
differently from others:



We are proud to be the first to provide a completely different approach to and management of the property business in Didim, and even in Turkey.


You can call us the ICEBREAKERS! We can get you the absolute very best deal, price and advantages.


Our main aim is to give you the chance for comparison and get the very best deal for yourselves.


We have explained a little about how the process of selling works generally between the builder/seller, agency and buyer, In our " things to know before you buy " section.


To reiterate briefly, an agent will ask a high commission rate from the builder and the builder does not have any chance or choice not to pay that commission rate if he wants to sell his property. This means that the selling prices increase unnecessarily and all of that extra money comes from the purchaser’s pocket indirectly and without their knowledge!

With our comprehensive experience, we have an infinitely useful and seemingly endless contact capacity with 90% of the well-known and successful builders here and if required, we are quite happy to locate the other 10% of them for your benefit.


We say to you, firstly choose your dream property suitable for your taste and budget from property portals, ie UK or Didim based estate agents’ web sites and make contact with them to find out exactly their selling price of the property in question. Bear in mind that their price will include the high commission that they want from the seller to sell the property for him, which can be anything from 5% to 10% of what the builder actually wants. At this stage, the purchaser can also learn if they charge any agency commission fee from the buyer too. Make a note of the full link (URL) to the property/ies you like in the address bar. (Right click to your mouse on address bar and copy, and than paste on our info request form or on your e-mail)


Next contact and notify us of the address bar link-up and which property/ies you are interested in and we will immediately check the links, define and contact the builder and find out how much exactly he wants to sell that particular property for….ie his actual asking price and any effective payment plan options.

Whatever the difference is between the advertised price of the property and what the builder wants, is WHAT YOU WILL SAVE WHEN YOU BUY WITH US, less 35% percent which will be our income for securing this saving for you. After that, all our services are the same as any estate agency; we will assist and organize your transfers and accommodation when you come to view, we will show the properties and deal with all legal requirements and documentation.




Including commission, the advertised price is the same on many different estate agents’ websites of 40.000 STG
We learn from the builder and inform you, he actually wants 37.000 STG

Initially, you will save 3.000 STG if you purchase from us. Our income is 35% of your saving which is 1.050 STG

3.000 - 1.050 = 1.950 STG is your total saving on the property price, PLUS if the agencies advertising this property are asking 3% commission, you will also be saving that amount too!!

We do not ask that you pay us any extra agency fee such as the 3%. In this example, it would be 1.200 STG. When you add this amount on top of your original saving: 1.950 + 1.200 = your grand total savings become 3.150 STG! And this is on an average priced property. For those buyers who wish to invest more, the savings will be greater too!

Alternatively, contact us and describe to us what you are looking for, informing us of your budget, preferred location, size of property, preference for apartment or villa, garden requirements etc. And we will find properties suitable without contacting any estate agencies. In this situation as there is no advertised property selling price to compare with the sellers asking price, we will simply charge you 3%. You will still save money as if the property were to be sold to you through an other agency, they would want a percentage from the seller too which would push the price up! Sometimes properties are not advertised at all on any website, as the seller refuses to pay the large agency commission, and does not want his property advertised at an inflated price. If he will not pay the agency commission, the other agencies refuse to advertise or sell it!

Either way, unless there is a major system failure, we will answer your original communication within a maximum time span of 24 hours.

All builders’ intentions are to sell their properties at the right price and as quickly as possible; the buyers’ intentions are to pay the right price for their dream property including an affordable and reasonable fee to their estate agent. Our intention is to give the right service for both sides and earn money! But we know it is not necessary to add on ‘hidden’ costs and be greedy! We feel that lots of satisfied customers paying small fees are better than a few dissatisfied customers paying huge unreasonable fees!

Purchasing property our way makes the 3 sides of the business satisfied, content and happy. The builder sells his property for what he wants, the buyer saves money on any amount they would have paid through any estate agency and knows they paid the right price, and as a company, we have not only earned a satisfactory amount, but can be confident that our good name and credibility will continue to provide us with many satisfied clients in the future.




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