Inspection Trip

Here is how we can help you organize your trip:

We offer our clients an Inspection break of 3 or 4 days to view properties and to become familiar with the area in which you are looking to purchase. All through the year now, there is lots of flight availability and in summer, if preferred a week package can be booked and some of the time utilized to come around with us.

This helps to take the worry and stress away from buying a property overseas in a region in which you may not be completely familiar. Prior to your trip, we will organize all your transfer and accommodation requirements leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy the experience.



Here are 3 easy steps to follow;


1- You just need to buy your own flight ticket to Bodrum (BJV) or Izmir (ADB) airport. We can always assist you in finding the best deal.

2- Please inform us of your flight details, we will arrange your transportation between the resort and the airport.

3- We will arrange your accommodation, depending on your budget and preference, and also taking into account the time in the year.

(3 star to 5 star hotels)


Because we do not have any hidden income and work differently to the other estate agencies, and clients will be saving thousands of pounds by purchasing through us, we do not offer to cover the cost of the inspection trips. Indirectly, the client always pays for this anyway as it is allowed for in the commission calculations with other companies.


If you come here with one of the companies offering a cheap / free inspection trip, you will lose your freedom and chance of contact with any other estate agency!



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